Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Child BellyDance Costume

You have a little girl and you want her to be dressed up like a belly dancer. For this all you need is knowledge about how to make the child bellydance costume and the fabric associated with it. There are so many parties for which your kids have to be dressed up at and as soon as October comes, you are aware that Halloween is soon approaching. Children can astound audiences and their friends by dressing up like a bellydancer as these are said to be finest dresses for young kids.

A child bellydancing costume is one of the most attractive costumes you can find for children. It is said that this costume attracts many people for the Halloween parties. One of the most attractive portions of bellydancing costume is the exposed belly. Traditional bellydancer costumes included a harem pant along with a skirt whose layers can be sheer and of different colors. Children usually want to wear something in a bright color like purple or neon.

Harem pants are very easy to sew as they are oversized tubes of fabric which are centered at the crotch. On the top just put the elastic and you are all set. There are different patterns of the child bellydance costume and you can choose your own pattern by researching online or in books. Just after this it is very simple to sew the skirt with the elastic at the top.

For a good look of a child bellydance outfit you can use sheer fabric for the skirt and gauze materials to accessorize this. Within this sheer fabric a little piece can be saved to make it a good veil for your kid. The edge should be given good finish so that they do not fray and the veil will help your kid look more stylish.

A top can be used for a bellydance outfit which looks stylish and fits you to your upper waist. Sometimes, swimsuit tops are used as a top with the harem pants and skirts. And these tops are decorated with sequins, metallic trims, etc. The child bellydancer costume offers a freedom in that they can be decorated however you want with the zingling material for the perfect party look.

Apart from creating a dress by yourself, you have other option to buy them from online stores or other stores. You can get a cute child bellydance costume from the store for your child and feel proud to let her wear that to her party.

A Cute Child Performing In Her Belly Dancer Outfit

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